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The Beaver Island Lodge Fall Color Special

The Beaver Island Lodge Fall Color Special is created for guests looking for a great deal to come and enjoy Beaver Island’s spectacular fall color displays in October. When asked, many locals and regular visitors consider spring and fall their favorite time on the island. Rightly so as Beaver Island’s fall colors are spectacular and occur a tad later than on the northern Michigan mainland because of the temperature moderation brought about by Lake Michigan.

Another reason to visit Beaver Island in October is that unique chance to witness some incredible night skies. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights can be seen best near the Northern Ring and with absolutely dark clear skies. Here at the northern tip of Beaver Island we qualify for all three conditions. Even though the Sun flares that cause these incredible color explosions are entirely unpredictable, Spring and Fall give some heightened opportunities for this to happen.

We want you to be able to find out how special the early Fall on Beaver Island is, by offering a great 2023 October Celebration this year between September 26 and our season closing date on October 27: a $699 Special for a Three Night stay for Two in one of our suites with the following extras:

  1. Three Nights in one of our suites or rooms.
  2. A Welcome Bottle of Wine (Red or White your choice) with decadent Dutch Treats
  3. A Continental Breakfast Spread with Coffee, Tea and Juices for two each morning
  4. One day Bicycle Rental for Two with a bagged Picnic Lunch for Two with beverages.
  5. A Three Hour Motorized Fall Color Island Tour
  6. Includes all taxes and service fees
  7. Ferry and/or airport transfers

This Special is offered for all our suites and rooms on a first come, first serve basis. The Beaver Island Lodge Fall Color Special is available on the reservation website. Please make sure to fill in September 26 as the earliest availability date.

Note: Since we introduced this Special in 2019 he has become very popular. Be sure to claim your spot soon.

Come and enjoy The Beaver Island Lodge Fall Color Special. It will be special.

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