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Five Beaver Island Self-Guided Tours

5 trails and tours on Beaver IslandFive Beaver Island Self-Guided Tours in a handy booklet, that will take you to all the island’s fabulous outskirts, panoramas and landmarks.

Since TJ and I arrived on the island, we got little time to familiarize ourselves with some of the “worth-seeing” landmarks and nature spots away from town. As a consequence, for the first eight weeks at the Lodge, we did not feel qualified to answer our guests’s questions regarding what they should do and see on the island. The advise to rent a bike or a car was obviously helpful, but not being able to warmly recommend certain colorful must-see sceneries, was not satisfactory to us, as we quickly learned that too many island visitors assume that a quick daytrip or maybe an overnighter should be enough to see and explore the entire island. Reading up on various sources online, we were totally ready to start putting a number of tour plans together…And then one day last week, our friend Becca came over with a small xeroxed brochure copy she found in the basement of her house, that was titled ‘Beaver Island Self-Guided Driving/Biking Tour!!’

The credits mentioned that it was put together and published in July 2011 by the Beaver Island Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee, but in 2019 nobody seemed to remember anything about its creation. (Love the unpretensiousness of this small island!)  

We are quite grateful however that the committee went through the painstaking effort to put such detail in the booklet, because here as newcomers to the island, we now had a reference guide we could share with our guests. A series of updates and time sensitive corrections later, coupled with a photo-trip to the southern shores and you can now download the 2024 Beaver Island Tours   booklet prior to visiting the island and be entirely prepared to be awed by what this Nature Island with fascinating historic landmarks in Northern Lake Michigan has to offer. Lighthouses, museums, historic homesites, quaint shops, and a profound Irish islands heritage. On foot, by car or bike there is a lot of beauty and history to discover. And if you really want to immerse yourself, then there are the turquoise blue, clear waters for fun and exploration on a paddle board, a kayak or even jetski. Click on the link above and start realizing that even three days on island may not be enough to see and do everything mentioned in this booklet 2024 Beaver Island Tours.  

beaver island road to happiness
beaver island tree road
beaver island roadway
birch grove beaver island
beaver island dreamers highway
beaver island view to mainland
beaver island tara's meadow
beaver island southpoint lighthouse
beaver island scenery
beaver island lakeside
beaver island lake
beaver island flower landscape
beaver island blue bike
beaver island becca in the fields
ancient car wreck
giant birch
giant birch tree beaver island
deer in the dunes
Yoga on the Big Tree
Find the Rock
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