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A Midweek Reservations Promotion

Most summertime vacation destinations have the same issue, when it comes to Midweek Reservations. No different here on Beaver Island. Yes, to a small in-crowd, Beaver Island is known to be an idyllic, super relaxing vacation destination and has been for a handful of decades. But to most, it is still a secret Paradise Island waiting to be discovered.  Yes, the season is relatively short and yes the water is a bit cool if you’re used to Caribbean temperatures, but the island’s nature and animal kingdom is unparalleled and the waters combine a spectrum of azure blue and turquoise clean… Read More »

Five Beaver Island Self-Guided Tours

Five Beaver Island Self-Guided Tours in a handy booklet, that will take you to all the island’s fabulous outskirts, panoramas and landmarks. Since TJ and I arrived on the island, we got little time to familiarize ourselves with some of the “worth-seeing” landmarks and nature spots away from town. As a consequence, for the first eight weeks at the Lodge, we did not feel qualified to answer our guests’s questions regarding what they should do and see on the island. The advise to rent a bike or a car was obviously helpful, but not being able to warmly recommend certain… Read More »

The Beaver Island Lodge Fall Color Special

The Beaver Island Lodge Fall Color Special is created for guests looking for a great deal to come and enjoy Beaver Island’s spectacular fall color displays in October. When asked, many locals and regular visitors consider spring and fall their favorite time on the island. Rightly so as Beaver Island’s fall colors are spectacular and occur a tad later than on the northern Michigan mainland because of the temperature moderation brought about by Lake Michigan. Another reason to visit Beaver Island in October is that unique chance to witness some incredible night skies. The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights can be… Read More »

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